Tope & Thresher @ Haslar

Tope & Thresher @ Haslar

The back of the Isle of Wight has been in recent years been made famous for large thresher sharks by angling great and friend of Big Buoy, Wayne Comben. He has landed many threshers single handed including specimens over 500lb from this area. We will be working from Haslar Marina, Gosport on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when the tides are most favorable from June onward to target these same sharks.

These trips will be approximately 10 hours long and with only 6 anglers per trip you will have the chance to hook and play your own shark! Now please bear in mind the thresher shark is considered one of the sportiest fighting fish in our waters. The high pace runs, jumps and tail slaps will put you trough your paces.

4/6 rods will be set astern with float baits for the thresher sharks. While you are waiting you will be able to fish for other species with a rod from the side. As with all fishing we cannot guarantee a run but rest assured we will be working hard prepping and using chum mixes to help improve the odds.

Price per person for 2018 will be £120 per person or £650 for the whole boat, all heavy shark gear will be supplied and rigged and ready with our own hand made rigs. Rod and reels for the other species can be loaned or you can bring your own. On loan rods all terminal gear on must be brought with you or can be supplied on the boat and costs typically £5 per set.

Please message us regarding bait requirements, this can either supplied for a fee or you can supply your own.

Please contact us to book.

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Depart Haslar Marina 0730 to sea, stopping if available to catch fresh bait, if this is not available the boat will have frozen on board this and the chum is included in the price of the trip.

You will be fishing off St Catherine’s Point, IOW, the trip will be over 10 hours, Threshers and Tope will be targeted.

Rods, reels and terminal tackle for Threshers are included for use in the price for your use but, you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

I have Tope rods on the boat but the loss of tackle would have to be paid for at cost to me.

Returning to Gosport at around 1800.       Max 6 people.